Anonymous asked:

i luv watchin u get ur ass handed to u by truscum<3

genderpunkrock answered:

y’know, just for fun, i’m gonna make this my truscum masterpost.

why we all hate truscum

my truscum ref tag (not fluffed out enough quite yet)

tonidorsay crushing truscum

lavernecox stating that transness is self-determined, and a brutal explanation of oppression vs. privilege

Janet Mock? Wrote in her book that she believes in less gate keeping for trans people, and that gender dysphoria is not a necessary diagnosis to be trans.

Laura Jane Grace isn’t so interested in bottom surgery, either.

y’all claim to be so diverse, too? and yet >50% of you are all 15-21 yr old unemployed white american pre-everything trans guys who haven’t been out for more than 3 years.

and, just for kicks, the DSM-V factsheet on Gender Dysphoria and the DSM-IV to V changelog (pg 14), where it in never in anyway says you need dysphoria to be trans.




This fauxpology is gross and terrible and should not be praised. Alaska Thunderfuck is a racist, transmisogynistic piece of shit who is dating another racist piece of shit, Sharon Needles.